Physicians for More RTs

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Physicians for More RTs

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As a healthcare professional, you know respiratory therapists are essential to the health of many. Today, hospitals and physician practices face a critical need for specialized, high-quality respiratory care. The numbers for current and aspiring respiratory therapists are rapidly decreasing, causing concern about the health industry’s ability to meet the high demand. Learn more about the shortage here.

How You Can Help

To strengthen future access to care for all patients, the world needs more RTs – and you can help.

Respected physicians like you have the power to influence others. Your employers, colleagues, peers and patients trust you, and your positions and opinions on matters of patient care and access are highly valued. Respiratory therapists are a vital part of pulmonary medicine, so let’s unite to cultivate and grow interest in the profession. Consider the following activities to join the More RTs movement.

Share with Leadership

Help your organization understand the critical importance of respiratory care in helping patients. Encourage them to do all they can to recruit and retain respiratory therapists.

Engage Respiratory Therapists

There can never be too much positive reinforcement among healthcare professionals. Reach out to respiratory therapists and thank them for being a valuable care team member.

Spread the Word

Use your professional and personal networks to urge others to consider a career in respiratory care. You can even create your own video – click here to learn how.

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